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Welcome to Sunly Home

Homeowners, get the comfort and control you need to live your best life with whole-home energy solutions from Sunly Home.

Effortlessly power your home — and everything inside

Whole-home energy from Sunly Home powers everything you need, so you can stop thinking about your electricity and start using it to live your best life.

Modern farmhouse with solar panels

01 — Solar panels

Charge your phone, your car, and even your home with clean, renewable energy for your whole home.

Smart home

02 — Smart home

Maximize comfort and control your energy from the palm of your hand with smart home technology and the Sunly Home mobile app.

Home solar backup battery

03 — Solar battery backup

Keep the lights on longer with whole-home battery backup — even when the grid goes down and energy costs go up.

EV charger

04 — EV charging

Supercharge your EV with guilt-free energy from your solar panels that creates NO tailpipe emissions and costs less than gas.

Utility company homeowner frustration

Is traditional energy holding you back from living your best lifestyle?

Climate disasters, rising utility fees, and widespread power outages leave most homeowners feeling guilty, uncertain, and overwhelmed.

Say goodbye to rising fees, and blackouts — say hello to energy independence and peace of mind

Meet the Home Energy Pros

Don’t let unpredictable utility costs, pollution from carbon emissions, and grid blackouts hold you back from your dream lifestyle. The Sunly Home Energy Pros will design a smart energy system tailored to your home’s unique needs, so you can focus on what matters most.

Sunly Home Energy Pro

Home energy doesn't have to be complicated

We make it simple and easy to get the power you deserve.
Here's how it works in 4 simple steps:

Step 01

Talk to a pro, and we'll help you evaluate your energy history and future plans

Step 02

Design a smart home energy system for all your home energy needs

Step 03

Choose from flexible financing, with $0 down options available

Step 04

We'll take care of system installation and setup at no cost to you

Home at night with lights on and solar backup battery. Severe storm clouds in sky.

Don’t get left in the dark when the grid goes down and the rates go up

Keep the lights on when it matters most. Solar panels + backup home batteries from Sunly Home allow you to continuously power your home through peak hours and sustained power outages.

Join the thousands of homeowners coast-to-coast who keep the lights on with Sunly Home.

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